(Even if you’ve never project managed before)

How to Get Your First
Project Management dream clients

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On top of that, maybe you're feeling like:

You're spending all day stuck at your computer doing tasks that that drain you (hardly the “dream life”)

Your clients’ “urgent” needs are coming at you at all hours of the day and night

Exhausted from the stress of thrown-together launches (where last minute emergencies fall on your shoulders)

Your boundaries are constantly tested, questioned, and pushed -- again and again...

So you want to become an in-demand, happy, and booked Project Manager!

Just one problem: you have little (or zero) experience project managing online.

I used to feel these things too and I'm excited to share with you how I overcame these challenges becoming an online Project Manager!

i totally get it!

In this training, I’m going to share the secrets to landing clients when you’re just getting started as a Project Manager! You'll learn…

The key systems you need to successfully, confidently manage online projects (even if you never have before!)

How to package your PM services so you can easily charge higher rates -- and which clients are happy to pay them.

The step-by-step sales process I used to get new clients who paid me over $10K per project and up to $30K for on-going support.

My top 3 secrets to setting up healthy boundaries, clear expectations, and a flexible schedule at the beginning of a project so that you don’t find yourself overworked and underpaid.

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